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Translation: Oedipus/Edipo

Tiutećan, the city of the Gods, is suffering a terrible curse: the land will not grow food, the Elders are dying quickly, no new child has been born; the people are dying. Ikxisuluntuk, Swollen Foot, the King of Tiutećan, begs for answers from the city Elders. They send Ikxisuluntuk on a journey of self-discovery, betrayal, and self-doubt. Adapted to Nawat from Oedipus the King by Sophocles.

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This audioplay production was made possible with support ARAC's 2023-2024 Sponsors./ Esta producion radioteatro fue posible gracias al apoyo de Patrocinadores de ARAC para la Temporada 2023-2024,

Public Presentation/Presentacion Publica:
TBD, Fall 2024/Anunciada pronto, Otoño 2024

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