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Nawat is a critically endangered Indigenous language from El Salvador, and Indigenous Language Revitalization requires the involvement of three-generations to be achieved.

Nawat 123 with ARAC is an early childhood language revitalization play-based workshop that will introduce participants to basic Nawat vocabulary and phrases, will allow participants to foster an appreciation for Nawat language; will encourage participants to communicate (verbally and non-verbally) through self-expression; will promote peer interaction, collaboration, and problem-solving; and will give opportunity for gross and fine motor skills development.

Angel Rose Artist Collective invites toddlers of all backgrounds, especially Central American toddlers, to join us for games, music, dancing, and drama in Nawat language!

Free & open to the public!

Facilitated by ARAC Teaching Artists (and New Speakers of Nawat), Petrona Xemi Tapepechul and Ahanu From The Blood.

nawat 123 with arac.png
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