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Two-Spirits Belong Here/

Lxs Dos-Espíritus Merecen Estar Aquí 

Edited by Xemi Tapepechul

A bilingual Anthology of works by Two-Spirit Transgender, Intersex, & Gender Non-Conforming Native American Artists.

Edited by Xemiyulu Manibusan Tapepechul.

Featuring works by: Ahanu, Celina Aichi, Xuchit Alas, Maria Aragon, Jas Battle, Maleny Crespo, Jen Deerinwater, Johanna Elaina Googoo, Jei Herald-Zamora, Jimena Lucero, Ximena Ospina, Alexa Rodriguez, Benicio Rodriguez, Ricky Rosé, Emmelia Talarico, Xemiyulu Manibusan Tapepechul, Josephine Vallejo, and Pablo Ventura

In The Media:

"All of you know how much I love diverse anthologies, and to hear that this anthology will feature works by 16 two-spirit trans indigenous artists? I love it, and I absolutely cannot wait for this to be out in the world."

- The Pond’s Most Anticipated Reads of 2019, Part IV.: 

Eight Self-Published & Indie Books To Support in 2019

Excerpt from the Anthology

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