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Siwayul (Heart of a Womxn) Staged Reading

We presented 2 performances of "Siwayul (Heart of a Womxn) stage reading yesterday, written and starring Xemiyulu Manibusan Tapepechul, and directed by Ahanu On. It was such a blessing to be in community with Two-Spirits sharing this powerful piece of theatre. Thank you to those who supported Two-Spirit Theatre this weekend. What's next for Siwayul (Heart of a Womxn)? This Native American Heritage/Transgender Awareness Month, we will be touring Siwayul (Heart of a Womxn) to local colleges and schools. Interested in bringing Siwayul (Heart of a Womxn) to your community? Send us an email at ! Performances will be available for all of November, especially during the week of Trans Day of Remembrance, November 20. Additionally, this spring, Siwayul (Heart of a Womxn) will have a 16-performance run in Washington, D.C., starring Lenca Trans Femme Pablo Ventura, and directed by Xemiyulu Manibusan Tapepechul. Support Two-Spirit Theatre! Support Trans Femmes! Support Siwayul (Heart of a Womxn)! Many blessings!

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