Kota's Top Surgery

Book Fundraiser

Kota Hicks is an Afro-Indigenous Two-Spirit Non-Binary Black Trans Man, who has worked with Nelwat Ishkamewe on several projects. He has been working to get top surgery for over 10 years. He needs community support to finally be able to get this life-saving surgery.

Nelwat Ishkamewe is hosting an online book to raise funds for Kota's top surgery. We are selling our three poetry books (Metzali: Siwayul Shitajkwilu ; My Woman Card is Anti-Native ; From The Blood) in digital version for only $10, and 50% of all of the funds will go directly to Kota's top surgery fund.

Our goal is to sell 100 copies of our poetry books, in order to raise $500 for Kota. Can you help us reach our goal?

Goal Meter:

You wanna support Kota, but don't want the books or you already have them? Send Kota some finacnial support via CashApp or Venmo.

He also has a GoFundMe! Please support!